RONE in Geelong soundtrack by Nick Batterham


Musician and composer Nick Batterham has composed a suite of haunting yet hopeful melodies for Rone’s latest project, ‘Without Darkness There Is No Light’.

In response to Rone’s concept of an abandoned function room with two opposing ends of light and dark, the music features two separate ensembles that play off each other in a conversation of layered reflections and repetitions, invoking feelings of melancholy, mourning, resilience and new hope.

Featuring members of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the music was composed and recorded by Nick Batterham at his studio in Melbourne.

RONE in Geelong soundtrack

1. Prelude 2:23 mins

2. Red Sun Sky 9:54 mins

3. Dawn Chorus 5:37 mins


Piano: Nick Batterham (1, 3)

Piano: Luke Howard (2)

Violin: Zoë Black

Viola: Christopher Moore

Cello: David Berlin

Double Bass: Damien Eckersley

Oboe, Cor Anglais: Michael Pisani

Clarinet: David Thomas

Flute: Adam Simmons

Trumpet: Tristan Rebien

Trombone: Don Immel

Percussion: Ben Wiesner